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Wymondham High Academy


Our intent is to develop both digital creativity and computational skills and understanding so our students are best prepared as life-long learners for the ever-evolving cyber economy of 21st century Britain. All students at Wymondham High take a GCSE in Computer Science or a vocational qualification in digital media at the end of year 11. Therefore, the Core Curriculum schemes of study must prepare students for both routes so they can make an informed choice at the end of Year 8. 

At the start of our Core Curriculum all students complete a module on Internet safety and get a good grounding on using the computer systems and cloud applications they will need across the curriculum to complete work and communicate effectively during their time at Wymondham High and beyond. The rest of year 7 and 8 is split into 6 modules of computing and 5 of IT/digital literacy. These units are logically ordered to spiral, interleave and build knowledge and understanding over the two years. 

In our Core Curriculum students’ programming and computational thinking skills are developed in a wide range of programs starting off with Small Basic and Scratch and then transitioning into programming Lego robots and then two modules on Python to prepare them for the rigours of our Focused Curriculum computer science. Students are also given a strong grounding in using applications like spreadsheets and databases before tackling two projects in graphics and multimedia which form a bridge to the IT course. At the end of the Core Curriculum all students will have transferable skills in both computer programming and digital literacy. 

We have a Focused Curriculum based on four hours a fortnight and around a third of students choose to study Computer Science as a GCSE and two thirds opt to study IT, which at present is the OCR vocational course in Creative iMedia. The Computer Science course develops key problem-solving skills, a wide knowledge and understanding of different hardware and software and the coding and software development skills that are so important in many sectors of the economy. Whilst the Creative iMedia course gives students a wide range of IT skills that are used in the modern world including graphics design, media production and web development. 


Longterm Curriculum Plan - Core (Year 7 and 8) - Computing

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Focused (Year 9-11) - Computer Science

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Focused (Year 9 - 11) - iMedia

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