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Wymondham High Academy

Exam Results

Wymondham High has a tradition of producing strong academic results. It is what our children deserve and what our community expects of us.

Below is a summary of our key successes:

  • ALPS 2 overall A Level [“Outstanding”]
  • Oxford Analytics progress score indicates a VA of +0.24 [1/4 of a grade above expected level]
  •  Progress of disadvantaged pupils at KS5 is above average
  • GCSE progress ‘above national average’ 2019
  • 83% of pupils achieved Grade 4+ in English, 84% of pupils achieved Grade 4+ in Maths
  • 65% of pupils achieved Grade 5+ in English, 64% achieved Grade 5+ in Maths
  • 53% of pupils achieved a combined E/M score of Grade 5+
  • 92% of our pupils were entered for the eBacc with 33% achieving a strong pass

For a full breakdown of results for Year 8 (Progress 8,) Year 11 (GCSE) and Year 13 (A-Levels), the link below takes you to the 2018/2019 Department for Education [DfE] Performance tables. These will enable you to view our results, but also compare us with other providers:

 Wymondham High Academy School Performance - Gov.uk

Compare Schools - Gov.uk

Due to Covid-19 the results for 2019/2020 have not been published. For further information please read the Covid Accountability Document. 

 Covid Accountability 

Pupil Destinations 2019/2020